Custom 18650 3.7V 10Ah Li-Ion power battery pack


18650 3.7V 10Ah lithium battery – efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Using high-quality lithium-ion battery technology, has long life, is lightweight and safe. Suitable for consumer electronics, smart devices, lighting products, etc. Environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances. Provide perfect after-sales service. Send an inquiry to us for a quote


3.7V 10Ah Li-Ion Battery pack – efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly

Model: APS-18650
Cell voltage:3.7V
Battery pack voltage:3.7V
Cell capacity: 10Ah
Battery pack Low and high Voltage:2.5V~4.2V
Battery pack capacity:10Ah
Power: 37W
Battery pack Size:36*36*67*mm
Cycle life: >1000time

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18650 lithium battery pack 18650 lithium ion battery pack 3.7 volt battery pack

China’s Leading 18650 3.7V 10Ah Li-Ion Battery pack Manufacturer, 10 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Accept small sample orders & custom dimensions.

The 18650 3.7V 10Ah lithium battery we provide is an efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly battery product. The battery adopts high-quality lithium-ion battery technology, which can provide reliable power support for your equipment, and has the advantages of long life, lightweight, and safety.

The battery is suitable for various consumer electronics, smart devices, and lighting products, etc., such as handheld lamps, power tools, drones, etc. Our 18650 3.7V 10Ah lithium battery can provide you with stable power support whether it is in outdoor exploration, camping, repair, emergency rescue, and other scenarios, or in daily use.

Our battery products adhere to the concept of environmental protection, do not contain harmful substances such as harmful heavy metals, and meet environmental protection requirements. At the same time, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service to make your use more at ease and comfortable.