Wholesale 18650 22.2v 7.8ah 2600mah 6S3P rechargeable battery pack


18650 22.2v 7.8ah 2600mah 6S3P Li-ion Battery application area: E-bike, Remoter toy, remoter control, Electric tool, tool, life electronic, floor mopping robot, flight, sound, shaver, hair dryer


Model: APS-18650-6S3P 22.2v 7.8ah
Cell voltage:3.7V
Battery pack voltage:22.2V
Cell capacity: 2600mAh
Battery pack Low and high Voltage:17.5V~29.4V
Battery pack capacity:7.8Ah
Power: 173.16W
Battery pack Size:117mm*70mm*55mm
Cycle life: >500time

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We supply Grade A 18650 22.2v 7.8ah 2600mah 6S3P batteries packs , and we have 18650 batteries of various capacities. We also accept customization.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 7.5 × 19 cm