24V 10AH 7S5P NMC 18650 Lithium battery packs wholesale


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Model: APS-18650-3C
Cell voltage:3.7V
Battery pack voltage:24V
Cell capacity: 2000mAh
Battery pack Low and high Voltage:17.5V~29.4V
Battery pack capacity:10Ah
Power: 240W
Battery pack Size:95*70*135mm
Cycle life: >500time

electric bike battery 24v 10ah


This 24V Li-ion electric skateboard battery pack has a capacity of 10Ah in a 7S5P configuration

The 18650 lithium-ion battery pack is made of 18650 cylindrical cells connected in series or in parallel by spot welding. Compared to other power options, 18650 batteries have high energy density and cycle life at low cost. The cylindrical cell format also showed high reliability compared to other format options.

This 35 x 18650 battery pack uses a 7S5P pack configuration. The resulting 7S5P Li-ion battery pack has a 10Ah 24V 18650 cell specification.

The 7S5P battery pack specification makes it suitable for e-bikes, electric scooters, power tools, drones, consumer electronics, and many other applications.

The electric skateboard battery pack uses 18650 cylindrical cells, which have higher gravimetric energy density ratings and lower maximum continuous current discharge ratings than other cells.