18650 7S7P 24V 14Ah lithium ion electric scooter battery pack factory manufacturer


24v lithium scooter battery is used to power an electric scooter. The battery pack typically consists of multiple battery cells that are connected in series and/or parallel to provide the necessary voltage and capacity.To use an electric scooter battery pack, it must first be charged using a compatible charger. The charger should be plugged into a power outlet and connected to the battery pack’s charging port. The charging time can vary depending on the size of the battery pack, but typically takes several hours.



24v lithium ion battery for mobility scooter

Model: APS18650 7S7P
Cell voltage:3.7V
Battery pack voltage:24V
Cell capacity: 14Ah
Battery pack Low and high Voltage:25V~42V
Battery pack capacity:14Ah
Battery pack Size:72*68*250mm
Cycle life: >500time

Apusenx Electric Skateboard-Specific 18650 24V 14Ah Lithium Battery Pack

Continuous endurance lithium battery for electric skateboards, featuring short-circuit protection for safe travel. High energy density, long lifespan, slow decay, quick charging, and fire-resistant materials.

Supports Fast Charging: Charges fully in 2-3 hours, supports charging and discharging in any working state, and maintains constant capacity after being fully charged.

Eightfold Protection: Prevents battery failures fundamentally, ensuring longer lifespan and worry-free riding.

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