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36v Scooter Battery Pack  for M365 Electric Scooter Replacement Accessory



36v Lithium Battery 6.6AH for Electric Scooter

Model: APS-18650-36V 6600mAh
Cell voltage:3.7V
Battery pack voltage:36V
Cell capacity: 2200mAh
Cycle life: >500time
Battery pack Low and high Voltage:25V~42V
Battery pack capacity:6600mAh
Battery pack Size:41*71*336mm


Apusen Technology 10S3P 36V 6600Ah battery pack is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack with an integrated battery management system, normal pressure 36V, fast charging speed, excellent high and low-temperature performance, good safety performance, mainly used in electric tools, electric toys, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric boat, we strictly control every production procedure

Apusen Technology customizes your Electric Scooter Battery with extremely short lead times and delivery times. High energy density. Reduce self-discharge. Lightweight and high safety!
We can supply and design and customize various lithium polymer batteries for you to choose and evaluate according to your requirements.
All of our Electric Scooter batteries are fully inspected and tested.
We can provide various shipping services.
Our lithium polymer batteries have a very short delivery time and delivery time (4~7 days), they are mainly delivered by DHL/UPS door-to-door.
Apusen Technology can provide various batteries for customers all over the world. In addition, we also provide OEM and ODM services to design and customize lithium polymer cells and battery packs.
We even offer you a full range of services from battery design and production to battery packaging and shipping.
Before shipping, all Electric Scooter batteries will be fully and further tested, such as size, weight, capacity, voltage, impedance, maximum charge and discharge current, end-of-charge voltage, end-of-discharge voltage, etc.